Palazzo Tronconi

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Welcome to Palazzo Tronconi, here on the outskirts of Rome, in present-day Ciociaria, the ancient arcese vines are cultivated which made our countryside famous throughout the Kingdom of Naples: the Lecinaro and the Black Ulivello , the Pampanaro , the Capolongo and the Maturano white , in addition to Malvasia Puntinata , Moscato di Terracina and Syrah. They are cultivated in balance between heaven and earth according to the dictates of biodynamic agriculture.Palazzo Tronconi

With eyes turned towards the firmament and feet firmly on the ground, we take inspiration from the age-old winemaking tradition to produce those wines that were always produced in the Tramonti valleys: austere wines and true as the people who have inhabited them, wines with intense colors and amber like the sun that has always caressed them.

There the work of man supports only the will of nature and is a helpless subject: the imperturbability of the rural equilibrium is a sovereign law. Its wine is simply born from the fruit of its vines and the work of the farmer consists only in complying with it in this becoming of ours, we make the wine “simply,” because the wine is simple.

This is not just a product of nature but the story of the work of people who have dedicated their lives to love the land, as transparent as the soul of those who produce it.

Join us, join our tradition, our history, our flavors, you will be fascinated and irremediably seduced.

Palazzo Tronconi is there waiting for you among its luxuriant vines and its pristine valleys.

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