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The winery, harmoniously integrated into the Chiaramonte landscape, represents the realisation of the Gulfi dream. The business, built between 2007 and 2011, harvests and vinifies grapes from different areas of production, ensuring an all-natural end product through a non-invasive wine making process. This is the last stage of an organic process that even excludes irrigation of the vineyards, accepting a low yield per hectare to promote the healthiness of the fruit.Gulfi

It is well known that organic farming means quality, genuineness and the honest expression of a territory. It is a form of respect for nature as it involves little to no pollution. But the most important aspect of going organic is that it involves a choice we make in favour of our health. Here is a commitment that GULFI has included in the company’s code of ethics: “Gulfi chooses to respect the health of the consumer, with every means possible and in every productive choice it makes.”

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