Antico Castello

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In the area of ​​Taurasi, in San Mango sul Calore, Antico Castello preserves the Irpinia winemaking tradition by innovating it with modern technologies. A union between modernity and tradition, between passion for the land and entrepreneurial vision of wine.

Antico Castello wants to be contemporary in the image without departing from the identity of a welcoming, smiling and industrious Irpinia.

Brothers Francesco and Chiara Romano have chosen with affection and courage to remain in their native Irpinia and to share the belonging that their parents have for this land by inserting themselves into the family agricultural life.

The company was founded in 2006 by their parents, Franco and Fiorenza, and is the only winery in San Mango sul Calore, a town included in the DOCG Taurasi area, completely devastated by the 1980 earthquake and admirably rebuilt in the name “Antico Castello” the memory of a feudal construction present in the area before the earthquake.

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